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Why You Shouldn't Move Food Around When Grilling
By Haldan Kirsch
The perfect sear of a burger or steak is a proper thing of beauty, but even though barbequing is such a timeless pastime, it’s still tough standing over a hot flame and waiting. Home cooks often get fidgety with their tongs and flip their steaks, hamburgers, and hot dogs too soon.
Beauty takes time, and if having the lines of the grate seared into your steak is important to you, then you have to give it the time to develop. It'll also take time to get your grill hot enough before cooking, so make sure the grill is at an adequate grilling temperature before slapping a few slabs of beef on there.
Bobby Flay says over-flipping the meat is the biggest mistake made by home cooks, so he prefers to wipe his grill down with canola oil, put his food on the grill, and leave it alone until it's ready to turn. If the food is still sticking, it isn’t done yet — and you can use this method with vegetables as well.