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Why You Shouldn't Get Rid Of Your Old Baking Sheets
Baking sheets are one of the most versatile kitchen tools around, but versatility means you'll use them a lot, which results in wear and tear. When your sheet's coating starts peeling, or the heat from the oven warps its shape, it's time to replace it, but if the metal has turned a little dark and that's all, you don't have to throw it away.
Baking sheets that have turned dark can help brown foods more efficiently, as these older, darker pans heat up faster than newer ones. A darker pan absorbs heat, while lighter pans reflect it, so if you frequently use the oven for weeknight dinners that need to be on the table fast, don't fret about using an older baking sheet.
However, when using an older, darker baking sheet, you should reduce the oven temp and cooking time for your recipes to avoid burning. Also, thoroughly clean your pan after use to avoid excessive staining; scrub the metal with a tablespoon of baking soda paired with some hydrogen peroxide and a little elbow grease.