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Why You Shouldn’t Fry Eggs Over High Heat
Frying an egg should be a simple task, but when you're craving perfectly runny sunny side-up eggs, it's disappointing to end up with over-medium or over-hard yolks. Instead of scrambling to find errors in your technique or equipment, consider modifying just one factor: the temperature you use to fry the eggs.
If you ever feel like it's impossible to get your egg whites set perfectly while the yolks are still runny, your pan may be too hot. When the delicate protein of an egg meets a sizzling pan on high heat, the whites can turn rubbery and dry, while an unpleasant ring of crunchy brown "lace" forms around them.
Additionally, a too-hot pan can make your yolks come out tough and crumbly. The best way to control how your eggs turn out is to be patient and cook them on low to medium heat, which will allow you to gradually coax them to your desired level of doneness, without attempting fancy tricks or hacks to make breakfast easier.