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Why You Shouldn't Freeze Cookie Dough Rolled In Sugar
Cookies can prove deceivingly time-consuming, since many recipes yield more than a dozen cookies and your tray can only fit a certain number at a time. To cut corners where you can, you may be inclined to freeze extra dough — but not all steps can be expedited, and dough rolled in sugar shouldn’t be frozen.
Many festive cookies call for a dusting of powdered or granulated sugar, but this step should be saved for the very last minute. Rolling your cookies in sugar before freezing may cause the sugar to clump, creating an uneven texture and appearance that disrupts the baking process.
Betty Crocker's recipe for chocolate crinkle cookies reminds bakers to drop their dough into powdered sugar, shape it into balls, and then bake. So if you're batch-making crinkle cookies for the holiday season, you'll want to hold off on the sugar until you're ready to bake.