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Why You Shouldn't Forget To Scrape The Bowl When Baking Cookies
Every little thing impacts the outcome when it comes to baking cookies. Even with all the right ingredients, cookies won’t turn out right without the proper technique, such as creaming the butter and sugar for the perfect amount of time, fluffing the flour before measuring, letting the cookie dough rest, and also, scraping the bowl.
Scraping the bowl when mixing cookie dough ensures that each ingredient is evenly incorporated into the mixture. Jenna Huntsberger, head baker at Whisked, explains that a stand mixer causes ingredients to stick to the sides of the bowl or underneath the mixing attachment, so you can't rely on it to do the job for you.
Butter and sugar also naturally cling to the edges of the bowl, and buildup results in a streaky dough with uneven chunks of butter and sugar. Scraping the bowl after adding each ingredient will prevent this, and when all your ingredients are incorporated, remove the bowl from your stand mixer and mix the rest by hand.