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Why You Shouldn't Cook Steak The Way Steakhouses Do
Whether it's the warm weather that makes grilling season a must or the holiday season when hearty cuts of meat are a craving, preparing a perfectly cooked steak for loved ones is one of life's exquisite pleasures. Surprisingly, taking the time to cook steak traditionally might yield even better results than restaurant versions.
When cooking for a crowd, restaurants seek three things: consistency, speed, and quality. Restaurants have shortcuts to achieve flavor and overall perfection in half the time, and chefs working in fast-paced kitchens for years have learned a thing or two about speed without sacrificing the result.
However, when cooking at home, speed isn't as important. Extra time, such as salting a few hours beforehand, creating tasty marinades, and letting the meat come to room temperature just before cooking, makes a huge difference in flavor.