Roasted potatoes in a baking dish with fresh herbs
Why You Shouldn't Bake Crispy Potatoes In A Glass Dish
When roasting potatoes, it’s important to use a metal baking dish and not a glass dish. Glass will not hold up to high-heat baking and could shatter when put in a super-hot oven.
Furthermore, glass will not evenly distribute high heat to potatoes as they roast, which translates to soft edges and, sometimes, unevenly cooked pulp.
Metal baking sheets are ideal for high-heat recipes like roasted potatoes because they will effectively transfer the high heat evenly, resulting in crispy-edged potatoes.
Metal baking sheets are also ideal for placing under a broiler, which is common in recipes for crispy potato edges. The sheets come in aluminum and stainless steel varieties.
While both materials are acceptable for crispy potatoes, aluminum metal pans can get hotter and cook potatoes faster than stainless steel.