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Why You Shouldn't Ask For An Oyster Fork At A Fancy Restaurant
It takes a lot of work for oysters to go from the sea to the table, making them somewhat of a status symbol. Regardless of how you like them prepared, it may come off as rude to throw 'em back at the dinner table — and you might want to think twice before asking for an oyster fork.
It's similar to asking for A1 sauce at a steakhouse — it's an insult to the chef, as it suggests the steak isn’t seasoned or tender enough. The same goes for an oyster fork, as it suggests the oysters are tough and were either overcooked or are a bad batch.
As long as everything is to your liking, professionals suggest using your knife to loosen them. They also say the proper way to eat them is to bring the oyster shell to your lips, tilt the shell slightly, and slurp it down. Then, as the last step, you’ll want to place the shell face down to signal that you are finished.