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Why You Shouldn't Always Swap Silicone Mats For Parchment Paper
Silicone mats and parchment paper are a couple of the many tools used in baking. Both tools might appear to be interchangeable, but because of their various thicknesses and temperature ranges, one may occasionally be a little better suitable for the task at hand.
While they are both made of food-grade silicone, silicone mats are ‌thicker than parchment paper, which adds a layer of insulation to the pan and makes it suitable for baking pastries rather than roasting vegetables. Parchment paper is disposable and may be customized to fit specific baking sheets, making it more malleable.
Silicone mats can handle up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, while parchment paper often warns against baking over 425 degrees. However, as suggested by Cook's Illustrated, heating parchment paper up to 450 degrees "does not release noxious chemicals," making it safe to use.