UNITED STATES - JUNE 13: Shrimp and lemons boil on a stove in the kitchen of Farmers Fishers Bakers restaurant on the Georgetown waterfront. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)
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Why You Should Use Vinegar When Boiling Shrimp
Shrimp boils, also called "low country boils," are a Southern U.S. favorite, especially when the shrimp are seasoned with savory spices and corn, potatoes, lemon wedges, and sausage are thrown into the mix. An easy way to guarantee delicious, easy-to-peel boiled shrimp is to add a certain ingredient.
Adding apple cider vinegar to the pot when boiling shrimp helps the shrimp peel more easily, since vinegar helps loosen the attachment between the shell and the meat. A splash of apple cider vinegar specifically also enhances the shrimp's flavor without adding too much acidity; here's how to do it.
In a large pot, pour in enough water to cover the shrimp by two inches, squeeze in lemon juice, then add the lemon rinds, shrimp/crab boil seasonings, and apple cider vinegar, and bring it to a boil. Add the shrimp, allow the water to return to a boil, remove the shrimp when they're pink and opaque, drain the water, and cover the shrimps with ice.