Traditional Irish champ is an easy side dish made with potatoes and green onions close up in the bowl on the table. Vertical
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Why You Should Use Sour Cream In Your Mashed Potatoes
For a lot of people, mashed potatoes are a comfort food, and with 55% of Americans reaching for potato when they need a little food therapy, mashed potatoes are the favored way to have them prepared. This cooking method goes way back to a Frenchmen named Antoine-Augustin Parmentier during the Seven Years' War
It's not difficult to make this side dish that we so love, all you need to do is to boil potatoes in water — we recommend salt water — mash them, and then add some butter or cream. But according to Martha Stewart, if you want truly creamy mashed potatoes, you should replace the cream with sour cream.
According to her and other professionals, the use of this cream adds a tang of acidity to mashed potatoes, putting your taste buds into overdrive, but if it's too rich for you, add just a bit of sour cream, and thin the mix with a little milk. Of course, if you want your mashed potatoes truly fluffy in addition to creamy and sharply acidic, add a ½ teaspoon of baking powder.