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Why You Should Use Flaxseed Oil To Season Your Griddle
If you're lucky enough to own a large flat-top griddle, know that it deserves to be properly pampered. Basic griddle maintenance includes seasoning the flat top with oil to help preserve its non-stick qualities, and if you don't know which oil to use, try flaxseed oil and thank yourself later.
The process of seasoning your griddle works best with a neutral oil that is free of any strong flavors; the oil will stick around on the cooking surface, so you don't want it to add an "off" taste to your food. Also, an oil with a high smoke point will help avoid burnt food and safety hazards in the kitchen.
Flaxseed oil has a neutral taste and a smoke point of 225°F, making it perfect for seasoning griddles, cast iron skillets, and more. Other oils that work are avocado, grapeseed, and canola oil; avoid animal fats like bacon grease and dairy fats like butter, since these can go rancid if you leave them to sit.