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Why You Should Use A Light-Colored Pan In Your Toaster Oven
Although not as compact or as fast as a traditional toaster, the toaster oven's versatility adds a variety of cooking options and settings with the added benefit of being easier to clean. The mini-oven uses a slow-burn approach with its direct, gradual heat, meaning getting the desired temperature might come down to the pan.
You might remember learning that darker materials absorb heat faster than lighter ones in science class — well, pans in toaster ovens are no exception to this rule. Darker pans heat up more quickly and cool down rapidly but risk the chance of burning, while lighter pans allow for a slower but steadier bake as they absorb less heat.
The darker pans may also overcook your exterior while leaving the center cold as they are less effective in the radiant heat transfer process that moves the heat inwards. There are some advantages to dark pans if you need crispier foods, and if all you have is a dark pan, a trick is to use a silicone baking sheet or foil to cover the pan.