A jar of buttermilk from the churning process.At the home of Kim Albano in Boyertown Wednesday afternoon. Kim makes her own butter from milk she gets from her cow Bertha.4/17/2013 Boyertown, PAPhoto by Ben Hasty (Photo By Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images)
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Why You Should Try Using Buttermilk In Your Mashed Potatoes
The origin of mashed potatoes dates back to France, specifically to Antoine-Augustin Parmentier, an army physicist who tested out several potato recipes while imprisoned. There are several ways to make mashed potatoes, but adding buttermilk to make your mashed potatoes will make them even more delicious.
Dr. Potato of the Idaho Potato Commission says buttermilk can make mashed potatoes creamier than milk, bringing out a more tangy flavor thanks to the higher lactic acid found in buttermilk. Using buttermilk gives "impossibly fluffy" when mashed potatoes combined with baking soda.
There are a variety of buttermilks available, but the Southern Living cooks suggest Barber's, which is offered in low or full fat. In a bind and lacking access to buttermilk? You can also experiment with other buttermilk alternatives for your mashed potatoes, though yogurt is the second-best option.