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Why You Should Try 'Killing' Your Next Salad
You can eat your leafy greens in a variety of ways — in a salad where they can be dressed, massaged, or salted, blended into a soup, stir-fried, steamed, or just simply eaten raw. Whatever your favorite way to prepare leafy greens is, perhaps it's time to try a new method and kill your salad.
A killed salad, also known as kilt salad, wilted salad, or smothered salad, is a classic side dish popular in the Appalachian region. To make a killed salad, pour pork fat over freshly torn lettuce, or any type of hardy greens like romaine or escarole, and some chopped onions to wilt and warm the greens.
To really make the killed salad shine, Cook’s Country recommends adding a bit of sugar and some acidity, like apple cider vinegar, to lighten up the heaviness of the dish. If you're not sure where to get pork fat, just use leftover bacon grease from a big breakfast.