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Why You Should Try Drinking Your Next Beer Out Of A Wine Glass
Most of us are familiar with the classic tall beer glasses featured in commercials and bars, but that’s not necessarily the best way to drink a brew. According to Liquor, the best glass for beer is a stemmed glass from the brand Tekku — a thick glass with a bell shape — but if you don’t have one on hand, try using a wine glass.
Per America’s Test Kitchen, beer glasses can warm up brews too quickly, and the straight edge doesn’t open up flavors. Drinking beer out of a stemmed glass keeps your hands from warming the drink too quickly, since you're only holding the stem, and the bowl-shaped bottom and tapered lip enhances the beer’s flavor and aroma.
Food & Wine suggests tasting your favorite beer in a variety of glasses to see which you enjoy the most, and while the aforementioned Tekku glass is compelling, a stemmed wine glass is also a must-try. A wine glass can even prolong the carbonation of your beer, so long as you keep the glass itself at room temperature for drinking.