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Why You Should Try Baking Your Mashed Potatoes
By Lauren Rothman
Mashed potatoes are a quick, easy side dish that's perfect for nestling next to a holiday turkey. Unfortunately, this dish can fall short in terms of convenience; the potatoes have to be hot and ready to go the second the rest of your other dishes are done, and they turn gluey or scorched if made in advance and reheated.
Baked mashed potatoes, also called mashed potato casserole, may be the perfect answer to these woes. It’s a dish where mashed potatoes are prepared, combined with extra ingredients such as shredded cheese, smoothed into a buttered baking dish, baked until hot, and finally, broiled at the end to achieve a burnished top crust.
The Kitchn explains that a mashed potato casserole can be made ahead of time; you then heat it up for twenty minutes before serving with the rest of your items. Because the dish is typically loaded with heavy fats, the texture won't become too dry, ensuring all your guests a great time and full stomach.