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Why You Should Try Adding Coffee To Your Steak Rub
For many, one of the more comforting parts of the morning is sipping on a fresh, hot cup of coffee while the sun rises. But as it turns out, coffee isn’t just for drinking and sweet treats because it can also provide rich and nutty flavors to steak dry rubs.
According to Koffee Kult Coffee Roasters, ground coffee helps to lock in the juices that are on the inside of a steak, which makes it incredibly moist and tender. This is also a delicious contrast to its outer crusty sear, which, aesthetically, is a richly dark brown hue from the coffee.
Koffee Kult goes on to explain that coffee has similar tannin levels as red wine. Tannins are compounds that tend to be astringent as well as bitter, and are found in certain wines, dark chocolate and, of course, coffee.