Smoked anchovies in oil, fork, grain bread
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Why You Should Think Twice Before Throwing Away Leftover Anchovy Oil
When eaten on their own, anchovies can have an overly salty and fishy taste, but these little fish and the oil they're packed in can be a secret ingredient in a wide range of dishes. Once you’ve finished the salty and savory anchovy filets inside the can, don't throw away that precious oil — it can be used in the same way as the fish.
Anchovies can seamlessly blend into sauces, stews, and more to add a super-savory and not-fishy flavor, and since the fish rest in the oil for quite some time, the oil also takes on a salty and mildly savory flavor. You can easily incorporate it into aioli, salad dressing, pasta sauce, fried egg, or even pan-toasted bread crumbs.
Saving anchovy oil provides a waste-free way to get every last penny out of your purchase. In order to store anchovy oil properly, simply put it into a sealed, airtight container in the fridge, where it will last you for several weeks or even months — and if you're truly not a fan, drizzle it (in moderation) over your pet’s food as a treat.