Homemade chicken rotisserie with thyme in baking dish
Why You Should Think Twice Before Reheating Chicken In The Microwave
It's easy to reheat leftover foods in the microwave, but not all foods are appropriate for microwaving. Chicken items, especially, can come out dry and rubbery when microwaved.
Whether it's baked chicken breasts, crispy chicken wings, or fried chicken from your favorite chain, time in the microwave will often lead to dry texture due to loss of moisture.
In the microwave, the moisture in the chicken quickly heats to such a degree that it alters its proteins, forming a new and much less desirable rubbery texture and taste.
Additionally, much of the moisture will escape and any crispy coating or skin will turn out soggy. Therefore, you're better off reheating chicken on the stovetop or in the oven.