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Why You Should Think Twice About Buying Wine At The Grocery Store
Many people like one-stop shopping for groceries, home goods, office supplies, attire, cosmetics, pet supplies, and adult beverages. You might get away with purchasing wine at the grocery store if you’re planning to use it for cooking or are new to wine, but for the wine-curious, there are many reasons to buy wine at a specialty store.
Most wine sold in grocery stores is produced by enormous beverage conglomerates with an eye on quantity and not necessarily quality. In comparison, specialty wine stores offer a selection of high-quality wine from around the world that is thoughtfully arranged by region, grape, or style.
The majority of wine sold in grocery stores is improperly stored, placed upright, which dries out the cork, under fluorescent lights, which degrades the flavors, and at higher than recommended temperatures. Wine stores are designed with wine in mind, with proper lighting, temperature control, and ample shelving for storing wine on its side.
Wine stores draw wine-passionate individuals, both as staff and customers. You can find new wines you'll enjoy, expand your wine knowledge over time, and enjoy unique wine and food combinations with the help of wine stores' employees who have extensive wine-focused training and certifications.