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Why You Should Swap Traditional Cake Frosting For Whipped Cream
Cake is a classic dessert for treating someone on a special day, and bringing a little joy to each party guest, as well. It's pretty hard to beat a classic frosted cake with buttercream, cream cheese frosting, or another variety, but for those of us who find the average frosting to be too sweet or heavy, there’s another, lighter option.
Whipped cream can be just as delicious as any frosting or ganache, not to mention it's easy to make — all you need to do is beat heavy cream, maybe with some sweetener — and simpler to decorate with, due to its light texture. A simple coating of whipped cream atop a fluffy sponge cake makes for a lighter treat fit for casual dessert time.
Whipped cream can get fancier, too, and its smoothness makes it easy to pipe intricate designs and ribbons in elegant white. No advance preparation — like bringing butter to room temperature — is needed for whipped cream, and to make it more stable, you can mix in a little mascarpone or even stabilize it with a bit of gelatin.