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Why You Should Substitute Breadcrumbs With Instant Mashed Potatoes
Breadcrumbs can be used to add a nice crunch to both sweet and savory dishes, and you can even make your own by drying out old bread in the oven and crushing it into flakes or a fine sand. However, the next time you're making breaded meat or veggies, you should try swapping the breadcrumbs for instant mashed potatoes.
Uncooked instant mashed potatoes are dehydrated flakes of whole baked potatoes, and not only do these flakes make a killer "breaded" crust, but they're also gluten-free and suitable for diners with food sensitivities. Your instant mashed potato crust will turn out delightfully crispy, while the interior of your food stays moist.
To make a mashed potato coating, beat eggs and milks in a bowl; then, in a separate bowl, combine the instant potato flakes (you can use a flavored variety like garlic), salt, and pepper. Dredge your meat, veggies, or other foods in the coating and fry as usual for a beautiful golden brown crust with no wheat at all.