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Why You Should Store Soy Sauce In A Glass Bottle
Soy sauce is a versatile kitchen staple, adding a subtle savory element to all sorts of dishes. Soy sauce is traditionally made with a combination of soybeans and wheat infused with a bacteria culture and left to ferment; however, even long-lasting fermented products should be stored with care for best results.
Storing your soy sauce in the refrigerator will prolong its shelf life, but that's not the only way to keep it fresh. Once a bottle of soy sauce is opened and exposed to air, oxidation occurs, altering the smell, color, and taste of the condiment, and storing it in a glass container or bottle instead of a plastic one can hinder oxidation.
Glass doesn't allow air to permeate through its surface, unlike plastic, and a study by The Journal of Food Science and Technology found that soy sauce in plastic bottles had weaker flavor compounds. When you go shopping, buy soy sauce in a glass bottle, or transfer sauce in a plastic jug or bottle to a glass container.