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Why You Should Stop Throwing Out Eggshells
Eggs are good for many things, and most of the time, after gently cracking the shell open and letting the yummy, protein-filled stuff out, the rest is thrown in the garbage. It turns out that eggs make a delicious breakfast food and a classic morning beverage.
Back in the day, cowboys poured ground coffee straight into a pot of water over a campfire, and to prevent a too-strong and bitter coffee, they put eggshells in the mix. Eggshells are made of calcium carbonate, which absorbs some — not all — of the acid in coffee, curbs the bitter flavor, and weighs coffee grounds down.
Due to its high calcium content, blending eggshells into a powder and adding them to smoothies or other foods helps protect bone health. However, eggshells should be cleaned to eliminate some unhealthy bacteria by using vinegar to rub off any dirt or stains on the shell before boiling them.