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Why You Should Stop Storing Cured Meats In The Pantry
Cured meats such as salami are made by using salt to remove moisture from the meat, introduce desirable flavors, and slow the growth of bacteria or mold. While some cured meats are pre-cooked, others are simply left to dry out; however, just because these meats are no longer raw doesn't mean you should store them in the pantry.
The National Center For Home Food Preservation notes that meat is usually cured at a temperature between 35 and 40 degrees F, so the meat should also be stored in this temp range to prevent microbial growth, making the fridge a far better option than the pantry. All cured meats should also be wrapped tightly in plastic wrap.
Cured meats cannot be frozen, which affects their flavor, and even in the fridge, they will eventually lose moisture and dry out, which is why wrapping them tightly to avoid exposure to air is a must. Also, while cured meat and cheese pair well on your plate, the same does not go for storage; these meats should be stored far away from cheeses.