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Why You Should Stick To Gin For A More Complex Martini
The martini may be the most contentious of all cocktails, with varying opinions regarding ingredients, preparation, and which recipe is "best." The traditional martini made with just gin and vermouth has evolved into variants like the vodka martini, but many argue that the original formula creates the most complex cocktail.
Vodka martinis may taste more neutral and modern, but the gin in a martini contains juniper, a botanical addition that is the key to getting that classic martini flavor and aroma. The vermouth also adds its own complex botanical notes and sweetens up the drink, if you use the sweet vermouth that a traditional martini calls for.
If you’re a fan of drier cocktails, you can opt for a dry vermouth instead, or simply ease up on the amount, but it shouldn’t be skipped. Cocktails come down to personal preference, so if you prefer the bold yet smooth flavor of vodka in your martini, that’s entirely okay, but we declare gin the overall winner for its great complexity.