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Why You Should Steer Clear Of Misted Produce At The Grocery Store
In the produce aisle, misters can help keep produce fresher for longer, but more than that, grocery stores use misters to entice customers to buy succulent-looking vegetables. However, while misters can help keep produce looking plump, there’s a reason you shouldn’t reach for those dewy fruits and veggies.
Misters can help keep produce looking fresh, but they can also spread dangerous bacteria if improperly maintained or irregularly cleaned. The water distribution lines connecting the misters consist of hundreds of feet of tubing, and during the store’s off-hours, the water sits stagnant, allowing the growth of potentially harmful bacteria.
Moreover, these tubes are rarely disinfected, and you can contract serious infections from the germ-infested water in these pipes. Furthermore, misting adds weight to water-saturated produce, increasing the amount you’re paying for potentially-infested food, so you’re better off buying dry produce and soaking or misting it at home.