Young baby boiled potato with butter in a pan. Black background. Top view.
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Why You Should Start Steaming Potatoes Instead Of Boiling Them
If your potatoes fall apart when you boil them, take a look at the type of potatoes you’re using. Red-skinned potatoes have less starch, so they hold their shape better, while dry potatoes absorb more water and lose their shape. But if boiling your potatoes for five minutes less doesn’t work, try steaming them instead.
Steaming prevents the spuds from falling apart, with many people finding steaming a less-invasive way to cook the perfect potato. Per Simply Recipes, steaming potatoes is better than boiling them, as it results in a more robust flavor because the spuds aren't absorbing too much water.
To steam potatoes, place a steamer basket into a large pot filled with just enough water to touch the bottom of the basket. Toss the potatoes into the steamer, cover the pot, and steam on high until the spuds are fully cooked — making sure they don’t become too saturated — and a fork inserted slides in and out easily.