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Why You Should Start Roasting Chicken On A Bed Of Croutons
Whether it’s brined with herbs or basted with butter, roast chicken is a meal that’s as visually appealing as it is delicious. A basic recipe requires little more than salt and a roasting pan, so many home cooks love to customize their chicken, but if you've never roasted chicken over a bed of bread, you’re missing out.
There are few things more delicious than a homemade crouton that’s been tossed in fat, sprinkled with salt, and crisped in either a pan or the oven for the super-crunchy or slightly chewy texture you prefer. However, croutons doused in the comforting flavors of a roast chicken give a brand new meaning to the word tasty.
Most recipes for roast chicken and croutons involve tearing day-old bread into chunks and placing them at the bottom of a roasting pan to be cooked underneath your chicken. This method results in chunks of bread deliciously imbued with chicken-y flavor, and the chicken and croutons are even better with a side of bitter greens.