Bunch of asaparagus stalks held together with rubber band
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Why You Should Start Peeling Asparagus Ends Instead Of Snapping
When it comes to preparing asparagus, there is some debate over the best way to remove the tough, woody ends: Some cooks bend the stalks until the ends snap off, while others cut them off with a knife. Another great way to remove the ends is by peeling them off, which has a few advantages over the other methods.
By peeling the ends of asparagus, you can remove the tough, woody part while preserving as much of the vegetable as possible. Using this method means you’ll create less food waste, while also saving you money ensuring that you get the very most out of your asparagus stalks, and peeling is easy, to boot.
To peel off the ends of your asparagus, simply take a Y-shaped vegetable peeler and strip away the tough outer layer of the stalk to get to the more tender and bendable interior. This way, you’ll be left with tender and delicious asparagus — and more of it — that is ready to be cooked and enjoyed in any way you like.