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Why You Should Start Microwaving Your Coleslaw
Coleslaw is a staple at Southern picnics and barbecues, and acts as a refreshing veggie side dish to round out rich meals (even though the slaw is often covered in mayo). The main pitfall of coleslaw is that it can get watery, and while salting and draining cabbage to release excess water works well, the microwave is a quicker solution.
Salting and draining raw cabbage can take hours, but zapping it in the microwave takes minutes. Place the raw shredded cabbage in a large heat-safe bowl with sugar and salt, microwave for three minutes, let it cool for about five minutes, then transfer the cabbage to a clean kitchen towel and wring out the excess moisture.
You can mix the cabbage with dressing and other ingredients right after the microwaving and cooling process. Chill the slaw in the fridge after dressing it, since coleslaw is usually served cold and a rest in the fridge lets the flavors marry, while also softening the texture of the cabbage and making sure it's not tough.