Man hand squeezing a bottle of mayo against a red-colored background. Pouring mayonnaise from a plastic bottle.
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Why You Should Start Making Vinaigrette In A Squeeze Bottle
Squeeze bottles are a convenient yet underrated kitchen tool, allowing you to drizzle sauces, condiments, and dressings on your dishes with ease. What some cooks don't know is that squeeze bottles can also be used to shake ingredients together into a vinaigrette, which is usually done more laboriously with a bowl and whisk.
Serious Eats' J. Kenji López-Alt recommends using a squeeze bottle for both preparing and serving vinaigrettes in a low-effort, mess-free way. You can simply add your ingredients into a squeeze bottle, shake it up until it's emulsified, and pour it with precision over your food, allowing you to control the amount of flavor in each bite.
López-Alt also recommends drawing lines on the bottle indicating how much of each ingredient to pour inside, so you can refill as needed without measuring utensils and other kitchen tools. You can also make your vinaigrette in large batches to keep on hand and simply re-shake them as needed before refilling your squeeze bottle.