Natural wood charcoal in plastic cup isolated on white background. Traditional charcoal or hard wood materials as odor absorb in refrigerator.
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Why You Should Start Keeping A Few Pieces Of Charcoal In Your Fridge
It’s hard to underestimate the usefulness of baking soda, from creating light fluffy cookies to cleaning the oven to deodorizing your refrigerator, this simple, versatile powder is a must-have for any kitchen. While you should leave the cookies and science experiments to baking soda, charcoal is a better choice for one of baking soda’s most notable jobs.
You might not be aware that charcoal can maintain the freshness of your refrigerator in the same way that a box of baking soda can. In fact, over the course of a month, when loaded with the same pungent ingredients like tuna, parmesan cheese, and onions, a fridge containing a cup of charcoal was consistently rated as less stinky than one having a cup of baking soda.
Why then does charcoal work so well to freshen up your fridge? The first is that charcoal briquettes or pellets are naturally porous, allowing air to pass through them easily, and the second is that they are almost totally composed of carbon, a material that is excellent at collecting foul odors and toxins.
It is recommended to keep two cups of charcoal in a small bowl in your fridge, either borrowing some additive-free briquettes from your grilling supplies or buy them from your nearby pet store. When the smell becomes noticeable again, simply swap the charcoal out and place old charcoal in your compost pile or use it as fertilizer around the yard.