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Why You Should Start Cooking With More Delicata Squash
Autumn is the perfect time for pumpkin-spiced drinks, hot chocolates, and warm soups. Roasted cubes of butternut are a classic side dish for a fall-themed meal, but you can buy an even better kind of squash that is easier to cook with less hassle involved: the delicata squash.
This squash has a mild and sweet flavor, and is sometimes called sweet potato squash, since its taste and orange color is similar to that of sweet potatoes. The skin of delicata squash is thin and softens when cooked, unlike the hardy skins of butternut or acorn squash, making delicata much easier to toss into any recipe.
Delicata squash also contains vitamins C, A, and B-complex nutrients like riboflavin, as well as fiber, folate, potassium, and minerals like manganese, calcium, and iron. You can simply wash and slice delicata squash without peeling it and cook it however you like for a delicious, non-mushy veggie side dish.