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Why You Should Start Buttering Toast Before Putting It In The Oven
Bread and butter is just about the best example of the most delicious things being the simplest. However, if you prefer your bread toasted with melted butter on top, and you're a bit miffed at the way that cold butter from the fridge just sits on top of your toast and takes forever to melt, try buttering your toast before you put it in the oven.
Putting butter on bread after toasting does let the butter soften and melt a bit, but by buttering the bread before you toast it in the oven, the butter will sink into the entire slice of bread. The whole slice will be soaked in the delicious fat of the butter while also getting extra-crispy on top, a huge return for such a small amount of effort.
Buttering bread after toasting can make it a bit soggy, especially if your bread is delicate, thin, and/or porous, so the butter-before method is superior for toast that's crispy throughout, since the heat of the oven cooks both the butter and bread. However, never try this trick in a stand-up toaster, which will make a huge mess.