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Why You Should Start Adding Figs To Your Cranberry Sauce
With Thanksgiving approaching, you may already be dreaming of creamy mashed potatoes, herby stuffing, and the underrated green bean casserole. Side dishes are what brings together a Thanksgiving feast, and a fantastic cranberry sauce is no exception, so try using figs as a secret ingredient to make your sauce stand out.
All you need is a few ingredients and a little under an hour to create a delicious homemade cranberry sauce that keeps for quite a long time. However, if you have trouble striking the balance between sweet and tart flavors, figs can add a fresh, honey-like twang, with natural berry flavors that play well with cranberries.
NPR explains that Mission figs are the best figs to buy, with an "intensely jammy flavor [...] balanced by soft, fruity acidity". Fresh figs work great, but dried figs are easier to find, and while both Bon Appétit and The Kitchn offer fig and cranberry sauce recipes, it's also easy to add figs to your own recipe for a nice twist.