French fries made in an air fryer
Why You Should Spray Your Air Fryer With Oil Midway Through Cooking
Adding oil to your food or to your air fryer basket before cooking is standard practice, but another spritz of oil midway through cooking helps food brown and crisp up beautifully.
Once the air fryer is midway through its cycle, you may find that the food inside has started to become dry as it's blasted with a continuous circulation of hot air.
This is the perfect time to spray more oil on the food, as you'll already be stopping the machine to shake the basket or flip over larger pieces of food to ensure even cooking.
This second spray of oil helps the food's surface develop a rich color and flavor, with a crisp texture on the outside and a softer inside akin to deep-fried or oven-baked food.
You could even spray an oil infused with garlic, chili flakes, or other seasonings onto the food to add another layer of delicious flavor to your air-fried meals.