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Why You Should Sous Vide Your Next Batch Of Chicken Wings
One of the worst things that can happen when making chicken wings is winding up with painfully dry meat that even a bottle of buffalo sauce can't hide. This can be prevented by cooking the wings more carefully, and while frying them from start to finish is definitely simple, cooking them via sous vide leads to the best results.
Sous vide might sound fancy and complicated, but as long as you have a sous vide machine, the process is simple; you just add your wings to a vacuum-sealed plastic bag and leave them to cook in the machine. Sous vide uses temp-controlled water circulation to gently cook food for perfectly even, never-overcooked results.
After your sous vide wings are cooked thoroughly, resulting in tender, melt-in-your-mouth meat, you can briefly crisp them up using the oven, air fryer, grill, or whatever else you please. The sous vide method also avoids adding excess oil to your wings, compared to giving them a pre-bake in the oven before frying.