Bowl of beaten eggs with a wire beater
Why You Should Soak Fish In Beaten Eggs
Dipping fish in cornmeal prior to frying is a common way to prevent your fish from breaking, but it can add a grainy coating. Instead of cornmeal, soak your fish in beaten eggs.
The beaten egg mixture binds everything together, allowing your food to stay intact, and it moistens the food, giving you juicy, tender fish every time.
Clean and pat the fish dry, then season with bright, earthy flavors like thyme, basil, lemon pepper, and oregano. Crack two or three eggs into a bowl and beat them together.
If you don't like the strong, fishy smell, you can combine the eggs with a milk marinade. Season the mixture, but don't add salt, as it will prevent the fish from frying properly.
Submerge the fish and soak for a few minutes before patting off the excess and lightly coating it in flour. Cook it in a pan with canola oil and butter to form a nice crust.
Limit the number of times you flip the fish and use a specialized fish spatula or spoon to prevent it from breaking.