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Why You Should Sip Fernet This Thanksgiving
Fernet is an Italian liqueur with two subcategories — amaro, spirits infused with herbs and spices for a more bitter profile, and digestivo, enjoyed at the end of a meal in order to aid digestion. The most famous Fernet is the Fernet-Branca, originally conceived as a medicine, and it might help you reset your metabolism after a big Thanksgiving meal.
While the exact ingredients of Fernet-Branca are a well-kept secret, Memorie di Angelina claims it includes “aloe, gentian root, rhubarb, gum myrrh, red cinchona bark, galangal, camomile, cinnamon, saffron, iris, bitter orange, and white turmeric.” Though it’s widely considered an acquired taste, its high acidity is thought to aid digestion.
If you can’t find Fernet-Branca, a good list of solid Fernets can be found at Baytowne Wine & Spirits. However, make sure to try a couple before deciding, since Fernet isn’t a precisely defined spirit, it can have huge variations in flavor; once you find the right blend, sip it after Thanksgiving dinner to ease your overburdened belly.