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Why You Should Simmer Your Bratwurst In Beer Before Grilling It
Bratwurst and beer are a match made in food and beverage heaven, right alongside milk and cookies, wine and cheese, cola and burgers, and other iconic pairings. But if you really want to do things the right way, it's highly recommended that you soak your brats in beer before eating them, too.
According to Chowhound, parboiling your brats in beer prior to grilling them is a foolproof way to ensure the meat gets thoroughly and evenly cooked. Additionally, the type of beer you choose, a crisp lager, a mild pilsner, a hoppy IPA, or a chocolaty stout, will infuse with the pork or beef and the outer casing for an even more palatable and tender bite.
The next time the weather permits you to fire up the grill and cook up some brats for your pals, be sure to have plenty of your favorite beer handy as well, and not just to drink while flipping the links. In fact, Beer brats — particularly topped with fried onions and sauerkraut — have even been dubbed the representative dish of Wisconsin.