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Why You Should Roast Chicken On A Bed Of Vegetables
Roast chicken is the king when it comes to an impressive centerpiece for a huge feast, but preparing it — and plenty of sides to go with — can be quite an undertaking. Luckily, you can use a simple trick to roast your chicken and create a flavorful side dish at the same time, with no extra steps.
If you roast your chicken on a bed of vegetables, you can knock out your main meal and the requisite veggie side in one fell swoop. Cut the vegetables into even shapes and sizes so they'll cook evenly; coat them in some olive oil; and season with salt and pepper before putting them in the pan with the chicken.
You can either place the chicken right on top of the vegetables, or use a rack to elevate the bird above the veggies; this means air can circulate around the chicken, creating a crispier skin. Either way, the drippings from the chicken will baste the vegetables and give them a delicious savory flavor with no extra effort.