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Why You Should Rinse Bottles And Cans Before Drinking Out Of Them
Just like you rinse all your produce before using, it is recommended that other grocery store items get a good wash before meeting your lips too. So whether it's your go-to six-pack of soda, a few seltzer water bottles, or even mini wine bottles, there are quite a few reasons you may want to start sticking these unopened products under a kitchen sink tap.
These prepared products are shipped and handled by many facilities—and many sets of hands—before reaching your store shelf. This process can heavily contaminate the beverage containers with germs, and even if you aren't drinking directly from the container, pouring it out can still bring unwanted germs into your drinking glass.
Not only that, stenotrophomonas maltophilia, pseudomonas luteola, and enterobacter cloacae are some of the possible infection-causing bacteria that can be present on beverage containers. So, to avoid the yuck altogether, give your beverage bottles and cans a good rinse next time you grab one from a vending machine, grocery store, or friend's refrigerator.