Small potato chunks boiling in a pot
Why You Should Refrain From Cutting Potatoes Into Small Chunks
When preparing a recipe that involves potatoes, avoid cutting them into small pieces. Rich in water-soluble vitamins, this can allow their nutrients to leach out.
If you’re roasting potatoes, smaller chunks tend to absorb more oil, which will increase the calorie content and can result in an overly greasy, less pleasant eating experience.
Additionally, if you're storing small potato chunks in water to prevent them from browning, they can absorb too much water and become mushy when cooked.
The potatoes' flavor is also likely to be diluted by the excess water. While this likely will be fine for larger chunks, the best thing to do is to cook the potatoes whole.
By cooking potatoes whole, you maintain their robust flavor. You should also consider leaving the skin on, which is very nutritious and helps retain flavor and moisture.