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Why You Should Reconsider Fruit-Flavored Snacks On A Keto Diet
The keto diet involves replacing carbs in one's diet with fat and protein, causing the body to go into ketosis, the process of burning fat for fuel. It can be challenging to cut out most grains, fruits, and legumes from one's diet, but one thing you should definitely say "no" to is fruit-flavored snacks and candies.
Most keto dieters consume less than 50 grams of carbs per day, and fruit snacks usually contain lots of artificial sugars that will interfere with ketosis. The website Sure Keto calls all products made by fruit snack company Welch’s "NOT KETO," and gives their fruit roll-ups one out of five stars for keto-friendliness.
Some keto followers do successfully incorporate fruit into their diets, but these fruits must be low-sugar, and a less complicated option is to try shakes or other specialty formulas. However, if you really can't live without fruity snacks, Keto Anytime has a list of keto-friendly treats that can be found on its website.