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Why You Should Put Aluminum Foil In Your Dishwasher
Using a dishwasher correctly can also keep your utensils and dishes looking pristine. One key to doing this is keeping stainless steel and silver flatware separate in the dishwasher. If these two kinds of silverware happen to touch during a wash cycle, it can cause a chemical reaction that causes silver to pit.
These types of chemical reactions can be used to your advantage, though. For example, adding a wadded-up ball of aluminum foil can remove tarnish from silver flatware by causing a reduction reaction that removes sulfur-based tarnish, leaving behind sparkling silverware.
This life hack isn't just good for getting tarnish-free silver flatware. It can also be used for glowing up jewelry or anything else made from silver. And don't worry, we're not suggesting you waste perfectly good aluminum foil: you can use the sheet of aluminum foil from dinner in the dishwasher.