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Why You Should Probably Avoid Lemons And Limes At Most Restaurants
Lemon and lime are great to add to drinks because they can keep you hydrated, add vitamin C to your diet, and add a refreshing flavor. However, if you’re at a restaurant or bar, you probably want to avoid asking for lemon in your water or a lime garnish because you might get more than you asked for.
A 2007 study found that an overwhelming 70% of sliced-up citrus in restaurants are covered in “over 25 different types of germs.” Another study conducted by Good Morning America in 2008 found that sliced lemons were brimming with “fecal matter,” and even speckled with E. coli bacteria.
Newer studies reinforce these findings. A 2017 study revealed that E. coli could easily make its way to ice and wet lemons 100% of the time, while dry lemons held this bacteria 30% of the time. Even if you’re drinking alcohol it won’t kill these bacteria, so it’s best to avoid the garnish and double-check the restaurant’s health rating.