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Why You Should Pour Warm Pan Drippings Over Steak Right Before Serving
A seared steak is a thing of beauty, but the leftover browned bits stuck to the pan are just as delicious. When added to a gravy or sauce, this "fond," the French word for those leftover bits, explodes with savory flavor, but for an even simpler and just as fantastic way to dress your steak, use the drippings in the pan all on their own.
To make your dinner even more delicious, save your steak’s pan drippings and reheat them by placing them in a pot, then heating until they're so hot that they begin to smoke. Pour them directly on top of your steak right before serving, or add to a gravy boat or heated pitcher for serving alongside if you're having guests over.
This technique will make your steak sizzle all over again, and give the exterior another chance to crisp up without cooking the interior any longer; the drippings add so much flavor that you can even skip resting your steak. You can also amp up the flavor even more by adding aromatics like herbs to your pan drippings before pouring them.