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Why You Should Order The House Special At Mexican Restaurants
When diners go out to eat, they want a meal so delicious that they must post photos to social media and talk about how amazing it was. However, this can seem far from a guarantee if you go to a new place with a large and elaborate menu, and while Mexican restaurants usually offer tons of options, the house specials are often a safe bet.
The house specialty, also called a chef's special, will usually be front and center on the menu and/or recommended by servers, since these unique dishes do the best job of highlighting the chef's skills. A house special can help you gauge the quality of the restaurant; if the special is delicious, the rest of the menu probably is, too.
Since many Mexican restaurants are so varied and offer dishes from all over the country, in addition to fusion cuisine options, the house special usually represents the kind of cuisine the chef truly works best with. A special is a great bet for both newbies and experienced diners who don't want to spend forever deciding what to order.